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The Village of Hillside
305 West Main Street
Harbor Springs, MI  49740

Office: 231.526.7108
Mobile: 231.373.2803

Mission Statement: To enhance the lives of older individuals by connecting them with non-emergency medical commitments, community events, social activities and educational programs all throughout Emmet County.

Purpose: To begin by hiring volunteer drivers who will use their own vehicles to transport individuals from one point to another, provide positive interactions with passengers and ultimately assist in reducing isolation issues in a variety of forms.

Requirements: Be a member of Bay Connect by submitting Bay Connect Membership Form and receiving approved PASSENGER PASS (paperwork available at bayconnect.org). If unable to afford suggested donation rates please contact us via our website or call 231-221-1003 for financial assistance.

Suggested Donation Rates*:

One Way $2.00 
Round Trip $3.00
Monthly Multi-Ride Pass $50.00 (30 one-way or 25 round trip rides)
Gift Voucher Any Amount (based on above)


*MUST be 55+ and be a member of Bay Connect to receive private vehicle transportation.
*Anyone may ride the Bay Connect bus, based on seat availability but preference to those 55+.

Due to the large number of individuals living in so many rural locations in North Western Northern Lower Michigan, there are a variety of challenges many of these individuals face on an everyday basis such as undependable vehicles, minimal access to transportation, unreliable support systems, lack of resources and a variety of monetary challenges. As a result of a grant provided by Michigan Health Endowment Fund, we hope to start bridging one of the primary gaps for Northern Michigan individuals by working to provide individuals in Emmet County with transportation to and from their non-emergency health care appointments and destinations. This will be accomplished with volunteer drivers, who will use their own vehicles, to pick up and/or drop off passengers. Individuals will call Bay Connect to schedule a ride, a driver will be assigned and people will then be connected to their destinations in a timely, inexpensive and dependable manner.

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